Feat x Feet
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Feat x Feet Tap School offers classes to ages four through adult. We’ve been offering tap classes to the Flathead Valley since 1997. Classes are held in Whitefish and are taught by Artistic Director Ashley Smith.

Classes are made up of both boys and girls and foster athletic, rhythmic and performance skills. The Tap School is designed to build self confidence and prepare students to master the skills in order to audition for the Youth Tap Ensemble.


Intro to Tap

This class is for children ages 3-5 years old to build a foundation for basic tap steps, patterns, listening skills and rhythm.

Beginning Tap

This class is for children ages 5-9, grades K-2 to increase their tap vocabulary, introduce students to time steps and flaps.

Intermediate Tap

This class is for ages 8-14, grades 2-8 that will link tap steps in more complicated patterns and develop speed and fluency using flaps, time steps and flash steps.

Transitions Class

This is for students who are getting ready to move from intermediate to intermediate/advanced. Students take intermediate and stay for the first 15 minutes of intermediate/advanced tap class.


This class, for ages 10-adult, prepares students to complete detailed series of steps with speed and accuracy, time steps, flash steps, pick ups, wings and/or move on the Feat x Feet.

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