Feat x Feet Students Peforming at Kennedy Center – Dec. 7, 2013

In 1998 Feat x Feet Youth Tap Ensemble was formed  by Ashley Wold and on December 7, 2012  three members of Feat x Feet  will be performing at the Kennedy Center in Washington DC.   The show will be the first full length tap show to be presented at the Kennedy Center in the past 41 years.  15 youth were chosen from across the United States and 3 are from Feat x Feet! The company is truly living up to its name…accomplishing a “feat” using their feet.  This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for the dancers and their Director Ashley Wold.

Bridget Unterreiner, daughter of Joe and Colleen Unterreiner is a senior at Glacier High will celebrate her 18th birthday on December 6th  the day before she gets to perform at the Kennedy Center in a piece called “Machine” choregraphed by New York City Tap Professional Michelle Dorrance. Bridget says there is no better way to celebrate her birthday than rehearsing for the performance of her lifetime.  Marlow Schulz, a junior at Whitefish High School is the  daughter of Krista and Derick Schulz and she was cast as the Ring Leader in a piece choreographed by Michelle Dorrance called “The Waltz”. Marlow said she literally screamed out loud in the school hallway when she received the text from her Director Ashley that she had been selected.    Perrey Sobba, a senior at Whitefish High and  daughter of Beth Sobba and Dr. David Sobba, will also perform in “The Waltz” and was cast as the “diva”.  Perrey’s response to her acceptance was “this is the best day of my life!”  To go from the studio where the group meets every Tuesday night at the O’Shgaughnessy Center in Whitefish MT to the stage of the Kennedy Center is truly a once in a lifetime opportunity.

This performance opportunity came about through 3 years of hard work and dedication by Lane Alexander, director of the Chicago Human Rhythm Project after endless hours of work to get the show to the Kennedy Center.  Ashley and several of her students have attended the annual festival and this past August as usual. 14  Feat x Feet members were able to attend this past summer.   Marlow, Bridget and Perrey were given the opportunity to audition for this performance and underwent a 3 hour audition at the end of a 8 hours day for a week of dancing.  The girls then waited until the Aug 30 which was the day they were to be notified.  That day came and went, a video of each had to be made and sent to the choreographer in NYC and finally in Oct the news came that all three had been selected and cast!

This long road for Feat x Feet all began  16 years ago when Director Ashley Wold  attended the Chicago Human Rhythm Project for the first time. It is a 10 day intensive tap festival under the direction of Lane Alexander.  The festival gathers the best teachers from across the United States and students gather from around the world to take classes for up to 8 hours a day.  The festival also presents 3 full length tap performances featuring the guest artists.  In one of the shows North Carolina Youth Tap Ensemble performed.  Ashley was sitting with her a few students that attended the festival with her  that watching the show and she told them, we are going to make this happen in Montana.  Feat x Feet was created that year and 5 years later Feat x Feet was asked to guest perform at the Chicago Human Rhtyhm project and got to share the stage with tap professional from around the US and 5 other youth tap ensembles. Feat x Feet impressed the crowd with 9 dancers performing a piece that is still in their repertoire that was choregraphed by Austrilian tap professional.  The

Ashley wanted her students with a passion for tap and a desire to learn to have more than an end of the year recital with a 3 minute piece to perform in.  The Feat x Feet Youth Tap Ensemble presented their first show and only show for the year in  February 1999.  The company has grown over the years to support 5 full length tap shows each January at the O’Shaughnessy Center in Whitefish as well as a summer show which features Feat x Feet members and tap professionals from NYC!   Most recently Ashley has brought in NYC tap professional, choreographer of the TV Hit So You Think You Can Dance, Tony award winner for Bring in Da’Noise, Bring in Da’Funk Derek K Grant.  Also NYC tap professional Aaron Tolson, Carson Murphy and Stomp member Nicholas Young.  In 2008 Feat x Feet brought in NYC professional Michelle Dorrance.   Ashley brings students to one major tap festival every summer, Chicago Human Rhythm Project still being the favorite, but has also attended LA Tap Festival and Tap City in New York City.

Feat x Feet holds annual audition each March, a summer intensive in Whitefish each June w NYC tap professionals including a show and regular classes and rehearsals Sept through April.

All information available at www.featbyfeet.com or calling Ashley 406-270-5806 or emailing featxfeet@gmail.com
Feat x Feet Tap School offers classes in both Whitefish and Kalispell.  Feat x Feet Youth Tap Ensemble holds classes in Whitefish and performs at the I.A. O’Shaughnessy Center.

The next show will be in Whitefish at the O’Shaughnessy Center Jan 5, 6, 11, 12 and 13. Tickets are available by calling the ticket hotline on 471-4400 or on the web site.  The show will feature the pieces in part that the girls performed at the Kennedy Center all with all Feat x Feet repitoire along with dances by the Feat x Feet Tap School students.  It is sure to be another great series of shows!

Official photographer of Feat x Feet is Karen Weyer Photography.  Official video-graphy is Jake Cook.

Mark These Dates

Important dates to remember for the 2012-2013 Feat x Feet Season. Please mark these on your calendar for future reference.

Monday, March 19   6:45- 7:45 in Whiteifish               2012-2013 Auditions

Tuesday, March 2oth & April 3rd                                      No Class In Whitefish

Thursday, March 29th                                                          No Class In Kalispell

Thursday, April 26th                                                             Last day of classes in Kalispell

Tuesday, May 1st                                                                    Last day of classes in Whitefish

June 12-16th                                                                            Summer workshops w/NYC Tap Pro

June 16th                                                                                  Tap Show with New York City Pro

Dance Studios

O’Shaughnessy Center – Whitefish, MT

I.A. O’Shaughnessy Center

1 Central Avenue, Whitefish MT 59901

The 326-seat I.A. O’Shaughnessy Center has become the premiere arts center in the Flathead Valley. It is a place for young and old to see a good play, listen to fine music, view local artwork, discuss a burning issue, or gather for a meeting.  Whitefish Theatre Co. has the responsibility of maintaining the I.A. O’Shaughnessy Cultural Arts Center, a city-owned facility that is rented on a long-term basis to WTC. The Center is available for use by other community groups.  Feat X Feet dancers use the north side entrance next to the parking lot.

The Museum at Central School – Kalispell, MT

 The Museum at Central School

124 Second Ave. East, Kalispell, MT 59901

The museum is  housed in the historic Central School building, which first opened its doors in 1894. In nearly 100 years of serving the educational needs of the Flathead Valley, Central School had been a high school, a junior high school, a grade school, and housed classrooms for Flathead Valley Community College.   Today Central School carries on its educational tradition as a museum preserving and presenting local history.

The Feat X Feet dance floor is located on the third floor.


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